A New Favourite Candle

I’m not sure I’ve ever dedicated a whole blog post to a candle but I’m in love!

A few weeks back the came though my door and if I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. It’s part of which is made up of candles and diffusers designed to transform different parts of the house and create different moods which really attracted and encouraged me to burn the candle.

The Wanderlust Candle is designed for the bedroom, it fills the room with just enough scent without being overpowering but actually lingers lightly for days. It’s a sophisticated mixture of feminine florals and woody masculine notes. I personally really love the pink pepper and cedar wood but there are also notes of powdery violet, geranium, cinnamon leaf and iris.

It’s a mid-high price point at £42 but the vessel it comes in is luxurious yet understated. It’s the first candle I’ve tried designed specifically for the bedroom and it’s just perfect. I’ve even spotted the defuser which I’m considering buying as I’m yet to find the perfect bedroom diffuser.

Very excited to have found this beauty and I’m even more excited that it’s candle burning season. What are you favourite candles?

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